Die Welt gerät aus den Fugen

The world gets out of its joints

Dynamic Routes in Rails 3

So I had the task to build an admin interface where an administrator can add several Pages that have a title, a content and some other meta data like an url_title that is used as an ID. Some pages, however, should not just display plain title and content, but to dispatch the request to another controller, using the url_title of the page as the path for the controllers RESTful routes.

So for example given the following pages:

Cutting Git Branches

So I wrote a bunch of code the last day and made my commits during the work. After a while I figured out, that I’ve mixed in some work that actually should belong in its own branch. And actually I’m not even sure if I want to use that work at all.

I decided to cut my current branch in two branches; one that represents the mixed in idea that maybe will disappear soon and the other is the current work that I want to continue with.

My branch looked like this:

New Blog

I installed Octopress today to be able to blog more easier than with my own crappy app. Now I can even use syntax highlighting.

require 'awesome_lib'

puts Awesome.hello

Once this is 100% working there will be even color.